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CoD : MW3…? Reveal Trailer released!

After years of rumors and troubles, it is revealed… Here’s some my first impressions of the return of the epic game…

CoD : MW3 is set directly moments after MW2… As it has now becoming… A so called WW3. And Soap with Price are going to chase Makarov… Again.

First Impressions
Note : This is the first reveal trailer. I assume everything could change…

Graphics : During the trailer, I seen that they’re using a enhanced engine from MW2, perhaps it’ll be updated somehow. If they planned to use that, it’ll be a wild run when it’s out.

Story : After reading the leaks at Kotaku, I’m expecting the story will be interesting with more action. Seriously, every story has it’s ending…

Contents : Here, I could see that it’ll be plenty of actions… And according to the leaks at Kotaku again, Spec Ops will be make its return.

Multiplayer : I can’t comment much about it, yet. Gotta wait for more info later this year. Maybe at E3?

Overall, I can say it’ll be a major battle between MW3, EA’s Battlefield 3 and other FPS titles that might release this year. Till then, keep your fingers crossed and for CoD diehard fans, if you guys think it’s worth it, preorder it.

We’ll keep on eye on it’s update till it’s out later this year on 8th November. For now, if you’re curious more on it, you guys might wanna check on Kotaku’s information about MW3.

Till then, that’s all for now. Enjoy your day.
Note: Kudos to Kotaku about the info, at least they give a gist of what’s all about in MW3.


A day that shook Japan..

Paiseh here, and today, I would like to stop for a second and sending my grief to the land of the Rising Sun.

As people already know, on Friday, 11th March, the world eyes has stared into one place, Japan. As the land of the Rising Sun being shaken with 8.9 Richter earthquake. Followed with aftershocks and tsunami the damage is just… Speechless.

But, Japan had worse, and rise up again. For this, I’m sure some knew this were coming anyway. All we can do for now, is help them as much as we can, regardless of what it is. As for now, all I could do now is pray for their safety and protection.
If anyone interested to help, Here’s a good place to start.

In other news… A shameful act of joke been made by my country’s local newspaper company..

Source : iReport by CNN.

“A caricature in their editor’s column that depicts Ultraman as trying to outrun an incoming tsunami.”

But seriously, why would you make a joke about a country that been strucked by disaster? On the side note, that work has been drawed, checked, approved, reviewed and published. This work of art is just a total offence towards the Japanese and a disgrace act of my country.
As a citizen of my country, I am NOT PROUD OF THIS blasphemy. Instead, I’m disappointed to this and sincerely apologize to every single living Japanese in the world, wherever they are. This art is not a good idea regarding a country in distress.
In the end, it’s our own decision and opinion regarding to this..

I think that’s all for now. IS review will be posted, when I get my hands on the new Ep. For now, Paiseh is out and wishing every Japanese the best of luck, safety and protection.
With that, a moment of silence….

Season’s Greetings…

It’s December and it’s almost Christmas… That marks that 2010 is almost over. Not to forget my holiday will over too. On the other hand, Yosuga no Sora is almost to the end. 1 more episode and it’s over. (Although I haven’t got Ep.9, yet.) I’ll keep update to that later.

In the meantime, enjoy your holidays… Season’s greetings, Merry Christmas and Happy 2011…
Just make sure you’ll be safe this holiday.

YnS Ep.5 Preview.

After 5 hours of sleep. YnS Ep.5 is out. And what can I say…

Ep. 5, this one is the last part.

As usual, I’m downloading Ryuumaru’s release. Nuff said.

Another boring times…

Another boring day… Although exam is nearby, but still. I’m dead bored and need some entertainment on this bad-net-at-morning net. Rofl. In the meantime, my brain is stuck with the early song I posted… Damn, this song is addicting…

Yosuga no Sora… Mmmmm…

Warning : This post contains some spoiler, if you do not wish to spoil it, stop reading this.

A little info about Yosuga no Sora (YnS), it’s from a Visual Novel (in case someone don’t know what’s VN is, here.), and it’s quite… Incest… (Yes, you heard me right.)

Anyways, Subbed EP3 will be out soon enough and i just can’t wait to see EP3 after looking at the preview of EP3. This going to be fantastic…

Spoiler quote… ↓
“Even though my body belongs to Onee-chan…”

Guess who…

Great Sunday. Favorite Manga returns.

After 341 days of waiting.. This is the moment I waited after all..

Kurogane no LineBarrels manga is back!!!

Thanks to Nievus Noctis Translation Team, Chapter 36 is released. Things are about to go interesting.

“Come, let the Christmas party begin…” – Kiriyama Eiji.

Oh, for those who want to recap the manga from the start, here’s your treat. Enjoy reading.