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Bit the dust…

Jeeez… It’s been a while I’ve blog-ing… Anyways, I’m back, at least. Much update to be told and I’ll be updating it real soon…. For now, we got stuff to do…
“Paiseh will be back in… at least 24-72 hours… Hang in there.”


Beach time!!! (IS Ep.9 Review)

Warning : Spoiler warning for those who haven’t watched yet. You’ve been warned.

It’s summer and they’re going to the beach!!

I think I just said that on the last post of IS review, so yeah. Episode 9 has downloaded for me and I gotta say… Fanservice perhaps? Then again, it gave me some good humor rather than pure fanservice (Whatever whoever thinks about it).

Well, few things that made me think of humor on this Ep.

Scene 1 : Early morning at Ichika’s bed.
Now how could ever Laura’s get into Ichika’s bed at any cost? I was like, /lolwtfomg??!?!

Scene 2 : Shopping Mall.
Pure fun, but lol. Just like a girl spying a guy with a another girl. (IMO.)

Scene 3 : Beach, yay!
Need to say more? No. Watch it, for the love of Linebarrel’s sake.

But what makes me curious is Houki’s getting her own IS…

“With the highest specs, it’s beyond the latest technology! Even on par with “that white machine”!” – Tabane Shinonono

Akastubaki, a red IS which has made into a better specs and par with the “white IS”. The question remains on my mind, how powerful is that IS anyway? Well, I guess we had to wait till Ep. 10 comes out…

Off topic : It’s another week, busy started to haunt me. Perhaps I might do some funny chronicles of a game I played, Fallout New Vegas. Then again, stay tuned for that.

Paiseh out, for now.

Busy, busy, busy…. (Infinite Stratos Ep. 4-8 review included.)

It’s been a while I’m posting updates, reviews, crap, randoms etc. And I also left behind with my Yosuga no Sora review!

Jeez. University totally made me busy these days.

Eventually, I had borrowed a few years old HP Pavilion TX1316AU (belonged to my family, with some “dark” history of it, go figure.), since I’m in freaking dire of using a laptop for works. And just when assignments are started to passed on…. The laptop fries…

Not when the busy just started… DDDDD:

And again, i’m laptop-less for the time being.

In other news, I’m still catching up with Infinite Stratos – IS, and it’s currently at Episode 9. Oddly, Ayako Fansub’s release wasn’t released, yet. Guess I have to wait, then.
As for now… Time to catch back on the reviews…

IS Reviews

Warning : Spoiler for those haven’t watched. You’ve been warned.

Ep. 4 : New battle begins!
No wait, it’s Inter-Class Tournament! And first round Ichika meet is… Fan Rinn??? This is just too early… Thank God, it was a good match until, some unguided IS interupted the match!! At least, Ichika and Rinn managed to save themselves and beat that unguided IS. Meh…

Ep. 5 : Another IS-boy pilot???
Meet Charles Dunois, France’s represntative student candidate and he’s a boy??? The face looks the other. Oh well. On the other hand, it’s practice combat time. Fann and Alcott team up in this practice against Yamada-Sensei. I think you all know what ends with it. Not to forget… Another transfer student appeared, just after Charles popped in???
Oh, She’s Laura Bodewig from Germany and… She slapped Ichika… WTF?

Ep. 6 : Secrets, secrets, secrets…
Ehh… What should I say… Too much secret happened to be revealed here. And the fact that Charles is a girl… I sense that tend to be coming any soon. Still, Laura’s hatred motive towards Ichika is quite inconclusive for me there…

Ep. 7 : Suprise, suprise, suprise…
Just when you thought… Houki asked to Ichika to go out if she wins. But turns out someone misinterpret it and turned into a rumor that whoever won on the tournament will able to go out with Ichika.. Sounds like it’s better than nothing. And… Laura’s action against Rinn and Alcott is just not acceptable, IMO.
And oh, the next matches in the tournament is going to be like… Pairs… And Ichika and Charles will against… Laura and Houki??!!! This is too soon.

Ep. 8 : 2v2 and some suprise.
It’s time for the Tournament! Ichika & Charles vs. Laura & Houki! Charles able to knock out Houki pretty easy, and Laura pretty ended up ganked much at there. But then… Something happened, Laura went out of control and… Ichika solves it all. *phew*
But then, it’s decided that Charles— I mean, Charlotte, stays at IS Academy… as a girl.

IS Ep. 9 Preview.

It’s summer and they’re going to the beach! Can’t wait for Ayako’s release.

And…. That’s all for now. YnS will be reviewed… Soon enough, when the coast is clear to watch… With that, Paiseh is out at here.

New Year, New Goals, New Resolutions. Sort of…

OK. First of all. Happy new year of 2011. I hope people around the world had a great time so far…

As for me, things are quite hectic for me… Second semester of university studies started. And things are hectic in 2 days. What the heck. I didn’t get a laptop yet and I’ll be dire to use it soon… This won’t be pretty…

Moving on.
On the other hand, Yosuga no Sora (YnS) has ended and I managed to download all 12 episodes. Yes, you heard me. But then again, I won’t able to review my opinions about the rest 7 episodes that I missed to review soon enough, not till I manage to balance this life first. As I said at the last post, I’ll keep everyone updated about the review..

As 2011 arrives, so does new anime seasons… As for me, I only interested to one anime only…

IS : Infinie Stratos!!

Info :

And yes, it’s one of the mecha anime. When I think of this anime, I think of… Here’s the math…

IS = Vandread + Kurogane no Linebarrels

Funny, eh? Anyways, this anime will is my next target. I hope it’s gonna be a good mecha+harem anime. Rofl.

Anyways, that’s all for now. Time for balance my life before the long awaited Ep 6-12 of YnS review. See you all on the next post.

Paiseh out.

Some update…

Okay, here’s the deal. I already downloaded few Yosuga no Sora (YnS) episodes. Too bad latest episode (Ep 9) is not officially out on Ryuumaru or UTW. Oh well, had to wait, again…

In the meantime, I’ll post reviews of previous Episodes that I missed.

In other news, I also need to catch up Hyakka Ryouran. Too bad exam results is out 2 more days… I’m nervous… Hope I get good marks…

That’s all for now. More rants, randomness, crap and etc, coming soon…

Back to work…

All right, it’s been a while and I’m taking a break of what happened few weeks ago. Here’s the deal, last month, my laptop got stolen and most of my stuff are… Lost, forever. Sad, but what can we do. Jerks. Anyways, I’m back, but still, I haven’t have a laptop, yet.

Maybe soon, but not now. I’m using home’s PC with my net (how surprising), and tracking back some stuff that is lost. In this case, I’m re-DL any lost EP of Yosuga no Sora. Yes, you heard me. I’ll be catching up as soon as I can and make reviews, possibly multiple reviews on one time… 😛

For now….

This pumps me up and making me laughed out loud. A series that must check.
Till next updates, Paiseh is out.

I was wondering…

As the title says… I was wondering what made some people looking for at my blog at 1st November. If you guys looking for YnS, here’s some info. Ryuumaru’s release and some other subs is not out yet, so bear with it. Hope my net wasn’t screwed up for downloading it.