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Beach time!!! (IS Ep.9 Review)

Warning : Spoiler warning for those who haven’t watched yet. You’ve been warned.

It’s summer and they’re going to the beach!!

I think I just said that on the last post of IS review, so yeah. Episode 9 has downloaded for me and I gotta say… Fanservice perhaps? Then again, it gave me some good humor rather than pure fanservice (Whatever whoever thinks about it).

Well, few things that made me think of humor on this Ep.

Scene 1 : Early morning at Ichika’s bed.
Now how could ever Laura’s get into Ichika’s bed at any cost? I was like, /lolwtfomg??!?!

Scene 2 : Shopping Mall.
Pure fun, but lol. Just like a girl spying a guy with a another girl. (IMO.)

Scene 3 : Beach, yay!
Need to say more? No. Watch it, for the love of Linebarrel’s sake.

But what makes me curious is Houki’s getting her own IS…

“With the highest specs, it’s beyond the latest technology! Even on par with “that white machine”!” – Tabane Shinonono

Akastubaki, a red IS which has made into a better specs and par with the “white IS”. The question remains on my mind, how powerful is that IS anyway? Well, I guess we had to wait till Ep. 10 comes out…

Off topic : It’s another week, busy started to haunt me. Perhaps I might do some funny chronicles of a game I played, Fallout New Vegas. Then again, stay tuned for that.

Paiseh out, for now.


deviantART… Mmm…

So, a quickie about this. I decided to make a deviantART account and I already posted some stuff at there. If you guys interested to look what’s in store, come to

See you all at dA!

YnS Ep. 4 Preview.

Warning : This post contains some spoiler. If you do not wish to spoil it, stop reading this.

Yosuga no Sora episode 4… Now makes me crazier… Here’s a hint…


Nuff said. *Goes Vuze and torrent it A.S.A.P.*

MV of the day….

Another MV of my favorite… This song is so currently stuck at my head now…

Suicide Note by Disagree (Local Band.)


SAW 7 @ SAW 3D…

When we talk about the SAW series, you might think of gore, blood and puppets… Wait, puppets?? Yeah, you bet. And if you’re noticed (a little trivia here.), the release date of the previous SAW movies was all nearby… Anyways… I would be please to tell that the final chapter of this epic bloody gory series is coming this Halloween…

Entitled “The Final Chapter”, the story picks where SAW 6 left of. I’m not sure about the plot yet. But here’s a hint. (Spoiler Warning at below!)

As a deadly battle rages over Jigsaw’s brutal legacy, a group of Jigsaw survivors gathers to seek the support of self-help guru and fellow survivor Bobby Dagen, a man whose own dark secrets unleash a new wave of terror. Taken from IMDB. More info? This might help. I think.

For sure, THIS make me say… HELL YEAH PUBLIC EXECUTION!!!! DIE FOO!!!!

Sorry, got excited and carried away. Anyways, this movie will be on 3D (Yeah…) and about to haunt the cinemas, this 28th/29th of October. Prepare for the thrill of the final chapter.. Let’s play a “game”, shall we?

Yosuga no Sora… Mmmmm…

Warning : This post contains some spoiler, if you do not wish to spoil it, stop reading this.

A little info about Yosuga no Sora (YnS), it’s from a Visual Novel (in case someone don’t know what’s VN is, here.), and it’s quite… Incest… (Yes, you heard me right.)

Anyways, Subbed EP3 will be out soon enough and i just can’t wait to see EP3 after looking at the preview of EP3. This going to be fantastic…

Spoiler quote… ↓
“Even though my body belongs to Onee-chan…”

Guess who…

Great Sunday. Favorite Manga returns.

After 341 days of waiting.. This is the moment I waited after all..

Kurogane no LineBarrels manga is back!!!

Thanks to Nievus Noctis Translation Team, Chapter 36 is released. Things are about to go interesting.

“Come, let the Christmas party begin…” – Kiriyama Eiji.

Oh, for those who want to recap the manga from the start, here’s your treat. Enjoy reading.