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Infinite Stratos Ep 2 Preview.

After few a week after IS released, the only subs I found to release this anime is Ayako Fansubs. Then again, I need people’s comment if there’s other sub team who subbed IS currently. Then again, keep on eye on my review later.


First Impression : Infinite Stratos Ep.1 Review

It’s the first weekend of January, and Infinite Stratos (IS) has released. So far there’s few subbers who subbed this which is Ayako Fansubs and Static Subs. Rumors stated that Ayako’s subs are not a good idea to get. But then again, I wonder who really cares?

Anyways, moving on.

First episode of IS has released and it’s interesting as I expected on the PV. The plot is a good start since 1 guy in a school??? I just hope there’s less fanservice… I wasn’t expect some major battle at first except there’s a short duel at start. Then again, a battle will happened in episode 2. Can’t wait for it.

YnS Ep.5 Preview.

After 5 hours of sleep. YnS Ep.5 is out. And what can I say…

Ep. 5, this one is the last part.

As usual, I’m downloading Ryuumaru’s release. Nuff said.

YnS Ep. 4 Preview.

Warning : This post contains some spoiler. If you do not wish to spoil it, stop reading this.

Yosuga no Sora episode 4… Now makes me crazier… Here’s a hint…


Nuff said. *Goes Vuze and torrent it A.S.A.P.*