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MV of the day….

Another MV of my favorite… This song is so currently stuck at my head now…

Suicide Note by Disagree (Local Band.)



MV of the day…

Changing the title since MV (Music Video) and Video is one different stuff. Anyways, another Music Video of the day.. :3

KC (K-Ci) & JoJo – All My Life.

1 word on this song… Classic…

Vid of the day…

This won’t go off, eh? Anyways, it’s the Vid of the day!!!

La Di Da from Nightcore…

Along the way… Take a look at this

Anyways, have a nice day!!!

Vid of the day… More.

Sorry for not getting on by today. But take note, I might not on much on Tuesdays due to my tight timetable at Tuesdays and Wednesday… Anyways, just to drop by for Vid of The Day.
Side note : I got story to tell for a field trip I went last evening, just wait for the post soon enough.

Anyways, enjoy this song. stereopony – Tsukiakari no Michishirube (From DARKER THAN BLACK – 流星の双子 / Ryuusei no Gemini)

Have a nice Tuesdays (or Mondays).

Vid of the day… (Again… xD)

Yosh, sorry didn’t updating much for today… Got nothing to write at… Anyways, suggestions are allowed… By the way, here’s the vid of the day…

IOSYS – Marisa wa Taihen na Mono wo Nusunde Ikimashita / Marisa stole the precious thing.

Enjoy, have a nice Monday (or Sunday).

Vid of the day. Again… xD

Another day. It’s for another Vid of the day…

Infinity from Nightcore III…

Enjoy it, and I’m off for today.

Video of the day… (Lol… I used to do this at FB)

Ah yes…. The video of the day… I’ve used to do it sometimes… So yeah… Anyways, It’s Galvanize from The Chemical Brothers…

I love this music, it’s different than others… Anyways, this marks my day for Saturday (or Friday on certain areas). Have a nice day, noon, evening, night… Ciao!