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DoTA – Faceless Void

It’s midnight, and I’m bored. So I decided to play an Ai match of DoTA…
For those who haven’t knew what’s DoTA, it’s a custom map that is famous worldwide these days. Nuff said. Go google it.

Moving on. I played as a Faceless Void, tho I haven’t played DoTA for while…

Anyways, here some pics.

In the end…

Need to say more? Ai on DoTA is random.

EDIT : This is what I used for DoTA program, it’s for visual changes and some hotkey stuffs.


deviantART… Mmm…

So, a quickie about this. I decided to make a deviantART account and I already posted some stuff at there. If you guys interested to look what’s in store, come to

See you all at dA!

YnS Ep.4 Review. (NSFW Alert!)

Warning : This post contains some spoiler and some Not Safe For Work images (is it?). If you do not wish to spoil it, stop reading this.

Finally, Yosuga no Sora Ep. 4 has released, thanks to UTW-Ryuumaru. And this completes the first arc (Kazuha Migiwa’s arc) of the anime or the VN itself. I gotta say… This Ep is For The Win.

Anyways… Screenshot’s at below.

Anyways, next Ep will be who’s arc??? Stay Tuned…

YnS Ep. 4 Preview.

Warning : This post contains some spoiler. If you do not wish to spoil it, stop reading this.

Yosuga no Sora episode 4… Now makes me crazier… Here’s a hint…


Nuff said. *Goes Vuze and torrent it A.S.A.P.*

Another boring times…

Another boring day… Although exam is nearby, but still. I’m dead bored and need some entertainment on this bad-net-at-morning net. Rofl. In the meantime, my brain is stuck with the early song I posted… Damn, this song is addicting…

MV of the day….

Another MV of my favorite… This song is so currently stuck at my head now…

Suicide Note by Disagree (Local Band.)


Updates, exams, more anime episodes…

As I mention last time, I won’t be hiatus for exam, because I’ll be catching up with new anime episodes that will be release soon. But still, any updates will be inform.

Oh by the way. I changed my blog theme, looks a bit better now and spacey… xD

Anyways, see ya later!