DoTA – Faceless Void

It’s midnight, and I’m bored. So I decided to play an Ai match of DoTA…
For those who haven’t knew what’s DoTA, it’s a custom map that is famous worldwide these days. Nuff said. Go google it.

Moving on. I played as a Faceless Void, tho I haven’t played DoTA for while…

Anyways, here some pics.

In the end…

Need to say more? Ai on DoTA is random.

EDIT : This is what I used for DoTA program, it’s for visual changes and some hotkey stuffs.

  1. it’s 6.67b? it looks different with mine. :O

  2. my God, i thought you were going to chip in with some decisive insght at the end there, not leave it
    with ‘we leave it to you to decide’.

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