Missing In Action… Rofl.

It’s been a while. But yeah, Paiseh is back, just for a short time. I’ve been busy with stuffs and all sorts… I don’t have time to update this… Sorry about that… *sobsob*

Moving on…

It has been few things that is listed on my life so far….

2-Find someone to update my blog CSS.
3-Ideas for clearing out my stuffs from my dorm after exam.
4-Considering going to C.F
5-Money saving… (I usually broke in 2 weeks or so.)

And some stuffs happened, pretty much… Holidays, went back home and my room was swapped with my lil sis. Now i got a small room minus air-cond too.. xD

That’s life…

Anyways, I won’t be much updating blog since i’m dead busy… =.=

But who cares. Anyways, see you all at the next post… Paiseh out.

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