Night of 30th August, crap.

As usual, every night is a boredom nightlife for a guy like me… But, as for the night of 30th August, it’s a bit different. I brought 2 bottles of Mountain Dew (yes, I love those), off to dorm, and opens my pc… Few of my friends drop by and we chit-chat. And then, I found some random crap game on my EHD, Hitman 2 : Silent Assassin. (Shoo, this is lol, trust me.) And when it’s almost midnight, all hell breaks loose… Fireworks!!!
Well, it’s fun just for that time… Few hours later, stayed up late till 3am, and grab some bread for supper and off to bed. On the same time, some fools (maybe idiot with booze), playing firecrackers at that time. Cmon, people sleeping. =.=

Well, that’s quite usual, perhaps. Had to deal with it…

Just this morning I had a headache which still going on by now… I should get more rest… I think.

    • adel91
    • September 5th, 2010

    i have seen students buying mountain dew.. is it really that good o.O?

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