Movie time! (Death Bell)

Since I got some movies I have at my HDD or EHD, I decided to make some reviews out of my point of view… (No offence, anyone can give some opinion on something, right? )
Warning : Spoiler alert for those who have not watching this movie.

As for this post, I would like to give some opinions or review (for some people say) on the only 2008 South Korean horror film which to be released on Summer of 2008. Death Bell.

If you want to know some info about the movie go to Wikipedia, eh?

First Impression : Pretty creepy at first looking at it. Kinda scary looking at the intro. Still, it doesn’t give a damn creeps to stop watching it…

Plot-wise : The movie was set in an examination week of a high school. And things goes all wrong on one day. I found out the plot is quite twisted when I watching it first time. And it’s very good. You can’t ask more than this. Good timing of flashbacks, suspense and horror. In the end every, secrets of this bloody exam is revealed.. How? Watch it by yourself.

Audio-wise : I’m don’t think music, BGMs or the soundtrack become a problem, cause it fits every situation. Although you might noticed it’s repetitive, perhaps.

Visual-wise : Nothing to say. It’s properly good.

Scary-factor : Suitable for regular horror movie fanatics. I suggest you need a companion if you want to see it.

Replay-value : Must watch over and over.

Overall : I don’t know if there’s any other horror movies that is quite based on this kind. Still, this movie is a must watch, even it’s 2 years old. Who cares about it. Good stuff from the Koreans.

And that just it for my review… I’m done for now.

    • adel91
    • August 19th, 2010

    the poster itself has terrified me and stopped me from watching it (seriously.. thanks to the invention of Photoshop or anything that can creates this scary poster,i suppose ( ̄- ̄)? )

    so.. i heard there is a sequel for this movie, Death Bell 2
    i think the same plot, same teacher again? different students..

    what are the difference? i don’t know.. maybe you can do another review on the newly release movie – Death Bell 2 ;x?

    • That poster is the real deal, lol. Still, I checked about Death Bell 2, and it’s quite same plot but different stories. I wonder if it’s interesting… Still, I have to wait. It’s just released.

        • adel91
        • September 5th, 2010

        nowadays horror genre movies/novels..anything is just not my likes anymore..
        probably because i realize that this world has already much crueler than the movie has given ..
        and the world itself has already ruined with so many horrified events that i don’t need to get scared over and over with the movies v.v..

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