A Story of English Usage… (Part 2)

As I promised…
Part 2 of the Proper English… And this will be the last part of the official story… (Unless you want more, you could contact me… )

The next thing is, the 37-year old father was at the hospital, and injured badly… Wait, do you guys need to know how he got that bad??

He then met a 27-year old guy who is injured much worse than him… And the he asked the guy, how did got injured so worse?? The guy told the father…

This 27-year old guy was on a duty at a distant area. And he was late at the evening and missed the last bus for the day. He had to stay the place for a night, since there’s no more buses coming by at night. Moreover, there’s no hotel nor rest house at the area… So he had to go at a house and asked the owner for staying in for a night…
He tried the first house he saw, he went to the door and knocked, the door opens and…

“Excuse me, I want to spend for a night.” said the guy.
“I have 2 daughters, so you cannot stay.” said the first owner.

He was dissapointed for that. He leaves the first house and went to the second house… And as usual…

“Excuse me, I want to spend for a night.” said the guy again.
“I have 3 daughters, so you can’t stay.” said the second owner.

Again, no hope for the guy for staying at a house… He then went to the third house… And then he asked…

“Excuse me, do you have daughter?” asked the guy.
“Why do you ask?” replied the thrid owner.
“I want to spend for a night.” the guy said.

And…. Once again, THE REST ARE HISTORY… (Figure it out how it ended…)

The VERY IMPORTANT moral of the story :
“You won’t get into trouble if you’re using a proper English.”

That’s it for the Official Proper English Story. I might planning to make my own Proper English, maybe yes, maybe not. Depends if I’m free and fill with brains. xD

    • adel91
    • August 10th, 2010

    o.o .. i don’t understand but.. what does it mean?

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