A Story of English Usage… (Part 1)

Well.. I found a story that is, maybe funny, or not. But yeah… Here’s the story…
Side note : I changed the person, but the story remains the same…

One day… A 37-year old father was on a bus to meet his son at his university to send his son’s photo. Everything is quite okay… When suddenly, the photo which is kept at his pocket dropped… He panicked and started to looked at it… It turned out, the pic dropped at below part of a girl’s skirt… He then went near the girl and said…

“Excuse me, can you lift your skirt? I want to take a photograph.”


I’m not done yet, Part 2 will be up.. Soon enough… *plays suspense music*

    • adel91
    • August 7th, 2010

    …is that a real story?!
    wooow o_______________________________________________o

  1. lol..
    that funny really..
    i like it..

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