*sigh* Freaking life…

Everything is not as it’s good now… 1 more week and the whole chaos begins… This isn’t what I wanted…

The weather’s here are so freaking RANDOM, even i washed my clothes for about, last Saturday, it’s still wet by Friday??? What the heck???

5th weekends marks another activity for me and my friends at university… *sigh* Activities this… Activities that… Will they stop at all??? DD:

On the bright side… My Photoshop skills are developing slowly… Things will be better if I’m started to be good at many functions, which I’ll be exploring…

Anyways, that’s all for the Personal Rants…

    • Jira Akebono
    • August 6th, 2010

    Well, that’s life, dood. They won’t stop until you.. Uhh.. Drop something? I dunno.. Anyway, I’m learning photoshop, too! I wanna be like the fellow artists at deviantArt (although its gonna be hard). I hope its helpful in the near future XD

    • Haha… Good luck to you… It’ll be helpful if both of us know it for real…

    • adel91
    • August 7th, 2010

    PHS-kun learning photoshop ~~?
    does your major requires photoshop as well?

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